Whether supporting your pastor and staffs ‘IT needs during the week or supporting your congregations IT needs during your services, Brevard Computer & Technology Services is here for you. Most houses of worship rely on the pastor with the most technical expertise to provide IT support for the group. It makes no sense for churches to carry deep technical expertise in-house. Outsourcing IT support allows pastors to concentrate on their worship, support of their congregation and ministry. Our managed services cover your entire IT infrastructure.

Brevard Computer & Technology Services has experience in video, audio and lighting technologies and advanced transmission and distribution of those signals. We can help you with those projects, providing them on-budget and on-time.

When you sign up with our managed services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

  • IT Consulting - We develop services and solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • PC and Mac devices – We have the experience that allows PC and Mac devices to coexist in the same environment.
  • Wireless Access - During services your staff and volunteers will push your wireless network. You congregation needs to connect too. We can ensure the security of the critical IT infrastructure while your congregation is safely segregated on their own network.
  • Live Streaming - Does everything look great feeding your livestream device only to receive complaints that the viewers experience was poor? Brevard Computer and Technology Services has experience troubleshooting Internet problems from the device all the way to your ISP. We work with you and your Internet provider to solve even the most technical issues. We don’t stop until the issues are resolved.

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