Network Security

We at Brevard Computer understand that there is no silver bullet to the many dangers that affect small or midsized businesses like yours. This is why we find tune every security solution based on our clients’ servers networks, applications and devices. Our team is dedicated to identifying and blocking every conceivable cyber threat your business faces daily.

Brevard Computer and Technology Services offers a multitiered approach. Here's how:

  • Managed antivirus including threat investigation – We proactively monitor and identify threats to ensure your devices safety
  • BCTS Protect – Unheard of in the small and medium-size business space, this specialized offering provides clients real-time device protection. BCTS Protect brings prevention detection and response to one platform managed by BCTS. Our Security Operations Center is on the job 24/7 protecting Windows, Mac, and Linux based devices from attack. From inception to full containment and remediation, we protect our clients. Our ransomware protection covers clients up to $1000 per endpoint up to $1 million per incident to recover files in the event of an undetected ransom where attack. No antivirus provides insurance to their clients if they fail to protect the endpoint...
  • Email protection – With our knowledge of the latest tools we can minimize email spoofing at the domain level, helping your employees be confident that the email they received was from the sender they claim to be.